AMF Ninja SE Pearl

AMF Ninja SE Pearl



Product Description

AMF uses a numeric rating system designed to differentiate our coverstock strengths. F10 least aggressive – F90 most aggressive. Note: Core dynamics must be taken into account with shell strength when selecting equipment.

Ninja Pearl SE is the compliment to the original Ninja SE as the lanes transition and breakdown. Look for the Ninja Pearl SE to be cleaner in the front of the lane, storing energy to create a pronounced motion off the friction at the breakpoint. The pearl F70 shell is going to handle most medium lane conditions, or medium heavy conditions as the lanes open up and transition. Start with the original Ninja SE and then finish them off with the Ninja Pearl SE.

Attributes    Tech Specs
Coverstock F70 Weight  R.G. Diff 
Color Purple Pearl 16 LB 2.47 0.054
Finish Polished (1,500 Grit) 15 LB 2.48 0.054
Core Type Symmetric 14 LB 2.50 0.050
Sku# GJP
Available Wts     14-16 LB.

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