Ebonite Maxim Cool Water


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This Ebonite Maxim Cool Water Glow ball can be used at a blacklight alley for some extra fun! It’s designed with a hard polyester coverstock that ensures it goes long on the lanes! So,bring out the blacklights and turn up the fun with this Maxim ball!

  • Color: Cool Water (blue)/Sea Green/Silver Cloud All colors do vary somewhat from the picture shown.
  • Coverstock: Hard Polyester/Plastic
  • Core: Full size 3-piece Core
  • Hook Potential: 1.0 (Least) on a scale of 1-30 Least-Most
  • Length: 30.0 (Late) on a scale of 1-30 Early-Late
  • Differential: 0.020 (Low Flare) on a scale of .000-.080 Low Flare-High Flare
  • RG Avg: 2.65 (Medium-High) on a scale of 2.43-2.80 Very Low-High Break Point
  • Breakpoint Angle: 1.0 (Smooth) on a scale of 1-10 Smooth-Sharp
  • Recommended Lane Condition: Drier Lanes and spare shooting
  • Polyester Spare Ball

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