900 Global Flux

900 Global Flux

  • $167.95

  • The S72R™ Solid.
  • The Amplify™Asymmetric core provides 4-5″ of flare potential.
  • Use the Flux™ on heavy to medium-heavy oiled lane conditions.


The S72R™ Coverstock utilizes the same base formulation as the S72™ Coverstock. However, we added a catalyst that will greatly increase the performance on the backend while also maintaining great traction in the oil.

The Amplify™ Core is a new design that features the same shape as the Ellipticon™ core found in the Continuum. We have added a flip block to the bottom of the core to increase the differential in a two-piece designed core. This will yield increased torque at the breakpoint. The two-piece design will have a higher Coefficient of restitution resulting in more energy of the balls surface through the pin deck.


Coverstock: S72R™ 
Finish:  4,000 Abralon
Color: Orange Solid
Core: Amplify™ Asymmetric
Flare Potential: 4-5″ 
Available Weights: 12-16 Lbs